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Deer Recovery 
When the trail goes cold, or the terrain gets rough, call in the SkyHounds 
Currently serving Virginia, Maryland, & West Virginia  

Why Use SkyHound 

  • Never again will you have to wait overnight in the hopes that your deer does not get eaten by predators or spoil due to hot temps 

  • Thermal cameras attached to the latest drone technology allow our teams to locate your deer in minutes.

How it works 

  • Call or text the SkyHound team for a brief conversation to gather intel on the mission.  

  • A certified drone operator will be sent to the property to help start the search. 

  • The drone is operated between 200 to 400 feet, with zero disturbance to the local wildlife & a grid search of the area will be performed until the animal is found. 



Early season - $200 per search 

Regular season - $400 per search 

Late season - $200 per search 

Terms of Service 

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